Some of her Poems:


I dream

I dream of looking through your eyes,
being the mine of your inspiration,
loosing my petals in your arms.

I dream of being in your dreams,
drinking from your fount,
of you drinking from me until I go dry.

I dream of dismantling my soul
for you to penetrate it and make me yours
until I am left in ruins.

I dream of burying myself in you
until I lose my own shadow.
I dream of crying out my feelings
until I become empty.

I dream of entering your abyss
until I blot, until I forget my present,
my future, my past.

I dream of diluting myself in the river
of your passion
so I can shed rain over you
to be reborn in a new dawn
in one only skin.

I dream.

Cristina Ruiz.



When our lives start fading in the path
I want to consume slowly in your fire.

Ablaze in a kiss
merge in eternal embrace.

Our ashes be spread in the ground
and this vast love be used to fertilize this world forever.

Thus there will be no more wars
no more weeping, no more sadness.

Only our love,
our singing,
our halo of love enveloping all.

Only you and I
our love,
our singing enveloping all.

Cristina Ruiz.


Twin Souls

Every part of you I love, every cell in your being,
every thought, every word,
every small detail that brings us together.

If not in this life, maybe in another,
or in the next.

Never forget that sooner or later
souls that belong together,

Maybe not here,
maybe not now,
someday, forever and always.

Never forget
for always.

Cristina Ruiz.


Only that...

And in the end we are
but an accumulation of feelings, passions and emotions
Just a heap of dreams, illusions and yearning
only sighs, whispers and kisses

Only that,
souls which find each other
hearts which find each other
hands that touch
bodies that blend
kisses which enrapture us
just that, Love

Pure energy that makes us tremble
blood that courses through our veins,

Energy that moves the world
love that burns, that encircles, that transforms
love that hurts, that touches, that gives momentum,
only that, Love

Love that transcends

Cristina Ruiz.


What is love?

Love is a gentle note in the air
that touches sensitive fibers of the heart.

Love is a stronger beat
a sweet prison
a chant, a poem.

Love is an unlimited yield
an unlimited halt
an unlimited apology.

Love is a cloud surrounding it all
it is reaching the sky and feeling the sunís embrace
it is betting to win and risking to loose.

Love is volcano, lightning, fire,
it is devouring, immensity,
love is hurricane, summit.

Love is learning about your storms,
embracing your tempests
and loosing myself in infinity.

Love is a kiss, a caress
love is madness, it is your smile.
Love is, love is you.

Cristina Ruiz.


When love comes to an end

When love comes to an end I will be gone
for without love there is no meaning.

My dreams will wither,
ennui will fill me
everything will be silence
everything will be void
for without love there is no meaning.

Oceans will dry
fields of wheat will flood,
nights will end,
there will be no meaning.

When love comes to an end I will be gone
for without love there is no meaning.

Cristina Ruiz.