Cristina Ruiz, painter, sculptress and poet was born in Mexico City. During her artistic career she studied with very renowned masters throughout México, the United States and Europe.

In 2003, Cristina Ruiz, also known as The Painter of Love, published her poetry book: “Canto al amor” (Song to love). Also in July 2005 she published a master art book containing some of her artwork during 20 years as a poet, painter and sculptress. Also in 2005 she was honored with the price “Excelencia Universal” for her priceless work as a painter, sculptress and poet and in 2006 she received the price “Laurel de Oro” for her enormous work as a painter and the price “Mujer Mujer” for her fine sculptoric career. And she has been honored with other several prices throughout the world enhancing the quality of her work. Also some of her paintings are now in permanent exhibition in important museums in Mexico and the United States.

Up to date she has participated in 40 individual and in 97 group exhibitions in Mexico City, Center and South America; in the United States in cities like Miami, Houston, San Francisco and New York City; In some European cities such as Madrid and Paris and in some cities of Asia like Tokio and Shanghai.